order summary
As the publications produced by oneacre.online exist only temporarily on the website, oneacre.online offers the opportunity to preserve a copy of the publication. By acquiring a permanent private link, the publication remains accessible to you or whomever else you choose to share the link with, past the 3 months for which the work will be available at oneacre.online. The donation starting at 3 euros, will support the creation of further unprintable publications as well as the artists that fuel their content.

Much like books, oneacre.online hopes that the acquired links will be borrowed, lend, and shared, perhaps forgotten at a friend’s inbox or messenger app to keep versions of the work alive and circulating when the publication will be no longer be available at oneacre.online.

Ex Libris: is usually a small print or decorative label pasted into a book, often on the inside front cover, to indicate its owner. Ex Libris follow a similar function at oneacre.online, where a word, sentence or phrase of your choice will be added in the url you purchase to designated that the link is part of your collection. ex. Ex Libris: possessive pronoun url containing Ex Libris: http://onacre.online/publication-one-possessive-pronoun-48010513293185144

Cipher: magic word or code that gives a discount or a free copy. Probably somebody told you about it.